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27 August 2010 @ 09:29 pm
Climate Camp  
I wrote a thing about Climate Camp here: http://oolong.co.uk/oo/climate-camp

I think I'll post more about it later. I need to articulate my thoughts about non-violence a lot more clearly...
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0olong0olong on December 2nd, 2010 10:41 am (UTC)
That certainly is a danger, yes.

The fact that so much of everything is organised on the fly at Climate Camp makes it much easier for people to go off on small actions, and to do things the police haven't meticulously planned for in advance. This may or may not be an advantage, depending on your perspective, but my suspicion is that it would never have got as much of a media spotlight as it did if not for those things. There is something to be said for relatively spontaneous direct action, given the apparent impotence of large-scale organised demonstrations of dissent, and for all the tedious faffing consensus decision-making can lead to, it's hard to see a hierarchical approach pulling it off this stuff.